Saturday, April 23, 2011

Colleges are using social media sites

According to colleges are reviewing the use of social media sites such as Facebook pages for students who submit applications to attend various colleges. An average of 80% of colleges may be using these sites to assist them in making their decisions. The site mentioned gives information on how potential students can use social media sites to influence the decisions made by colleges. Students can gain insight by liking their favorite college and following them on twitter. The use of a video along with an essay is suggested so that the college can get a better impression of who you are. A blog will be looked at as an attribute and will tell the college some more about your major interests.

Be cautious of the pictures posted on social media sites as they may be used to get an idea of who you are as an individual as well as what your other interests are. A great point listed on the site includes the use of privacy settings to block access to certain areas on site pages. Privacy settings can be used to block information your friends may have posted that you do not want colleges to see, as they may have portrayed you in an undesirable manner. These are some great tips for teenagers interested in colleges who want to improve their chances of acceptance into the college they want to attend.

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